2018 – Shoebox Appeal Campaign

In 2018, we launched our second campaign titled ‘Shoebox Appeal’. During this campaign we received donated food from City Harvest in London, we then cooked the food, packed the food and then delivered the food to the homeless in and around Kings Cross. Please check out our photographs on the slideshow below.

January, 2018

We were excited to be featured in ‘The Queerness’ which is an international LGBTQI+ blog. Their interview with some of our members highlighted the work that we do as well as some of the problems we face and the solutions that we have going forward. This is a great article and we were honoured to be asked. Read the article here.

February, 2018

Shelina was on a panel with 3 other women discussing the cultural factors that lead to desi lesbian invisibility at Desi Lesbians, an event put on by Gaysians. The panel was made up of pioneering women, spanning five decades, sharing experiences and herstories. A link to the event can be found here.

Shelina took part in a discussion on BBC Radio Asian Network with Reeta, the co-founder of Gaysians. They discuss being lesbian, Asian and Muslim, an often forgotten about population. You can read more about Gaysians here.

Drew was asked by the University of Sheffield to talk about being bisexual and a Muslim by their equality and diversity staff network. This talk was a way in which to discuss questions of Islam, bisexuality and of being a ‘Geordie,’ including how these tensions work together. Learn more about here.

Syed took part in a panel discussion in an event hosted by Birmingham University’s Medical School.

The event was part of a series of events to mark LGBTQI+ History Month, but particularly to honour the memory of Nazim Mahmood who graduated as a doctor from the school. Matt, from the Naz and Matt Foundation, delivered a very moving talk about his relationship with Naz and also of the harm religious homophobia causes. Hidayah was very pleased to be able to take part, not only because an event such as this speaks to many of our core objectives, but because we wished to show our support and solidarity with the work of the Foundation who has supported us from our inception. The event, needless to say, was an amazing success. Important conversations were started and have already resulted in calls for further events and projects which we are delighted to be part of.

March, 2018

“So many of us are trying to reconcile with our faith and sexuality but it’s never easy as there is always someone trying to reinforce prejudice”

Naz was part of this excellent article. Read the article here.

April, 2018

Hidayah was recently invited to contribute piece for Gay Times. This article appears in this month’s GT (April Edition) which is out and available to purchase. We are hoping to build a relationship with GT and other publishers to contribute LGBTQI+ Muslim voices wherever and whenever possible. Diversity nourishes. See the link below to find out more!

May, 2018

Drew held an interview with BBC Radio Newcastle about observing his first Ramadan. His radio interview can be found below.

“Whilst their religious identity can offer them great comfort or solace, it can also create great conflict when coming out to their family or the wider community”

Syed was part of this fantastic article, read the article here.

June, 2018

Syed took part in a panel discussion in an event hosted by the University of Cambridge, Students Union, and the Bangla Society. The event was titled ‘What it means when you ask, “Can you be Muslim and Gay?”: Deconstructing a question’. A transcript and recording can be found below.

Shelina shares her coming out story and the importance of planning around the realities and practicalities of opening up to your family. Her radio interview can be found below.

August, 2018

“We’re a minority within a minority. We really need people who aren’t a Muslim to defend us”.

Drew was part of this fantastic article which can be found here.

Shelina shares her opinions following the results of the BBC Asian survey.

Her radio interview can be found below.

Shelina talks to Sunny and Shay about the events that Hidayah are running. Her radio interview can be found below.

‘Yes it’s possible to be bisexual AND Muslim & this guy is here to prove it’. Drew’s Gaystar News article is referenced to in this article by Queerty, USA, and it can be found here.

September 2018

‘Constant Homophobic Abuse Won’t Stop This Middle East Lesbian Helping Others’

Aisha was interviewed for this article for the Gaystar News on the fabulous support she provides to fellow LGBTQI+ Muslim people online. The article can be found here.

October 2018

‘Sexuality & Islam Are Compatible’. Drew wrote an opinion article for Openly News – a Thomson Reuters Foundation initiative and it can be read here.

Drew shares his opinion about LGBTQI+ Muslims coming out and also finding support. Hear his views on the Openly News podcast below.