2019 – Supporting Minority Muslims

In 2018/2019, BMSDemocracy and Hidayah partnered up for the pilot of the supporting minority Muslims campaign, which seeks to work with LGBTQI+ Muslims, Black Muslims, and minority sect Muslims such as Ahmadiyyah Muslims.

To amplify the voices of minority Muslims, Hidayah and BMSDemocracy wanted to build understanding through dialogue and open discussion. Four roundtable discussions based on the intersecting topics of identity, sexuality, gender, and faith were created and were widely attended by people from all walks of life, Muslim and non Muslim.

Through our roundtables, the MET police asked us to host our fifth roundtable during hate crime awareness week to police officers and practitioners. We would like to personally thank BMSDemocracy, our volunteers, our membership and all those that attended the roundtable discussions that made them a success!

February 2019

Ezra writes an op-ed for the Metro about educating young people about LGBTQI Muslims. Find out more here.

March 2019

Osman speaks to BBC Radio Kent about his experiences as a gay Muslim man, and his opinion on the SRE debate.

Ezra is featured and profiled in the Huffington Post. Find out more here.

Ezra is featured in an op-ed for i-News about Parkfield and LGBTQI+ Muslims. Find out more here.

Ferhan also speaks to i-News about the Parkfield Protests. Find out more here.

Ezra speaks to Press Association about Parkfield, some homophobic graffiti and RSE, and that story is passed to the Daily Mail and thirty other small local newspapers. Read about it here.

Ezra does an interview for Sky News speaking about the Parkfield protests and No Outsiders.

The live interview was broadcasted during the 6 o’clock news.

Ezra speaks to Socialist Worker about sex and relationships education and how it relates to LGBTQI Muslims. Read about it here.

(A busy March to say the least!)

April 2019

Ezra speaks to the BBC Local Democracy Radio Service about LGBTQI+ Muslim issues and a book given out to children at a school in the UK called “Daddy’s Roommate”.

Drew speaks to BBC Radio Sheffield about Brunei’s anti-gay laws and the role Hidayah plays in LGBTQI+ Muslim communities.

Ezra speaks to the Guardian about LGBTQI+ and Muslim solidarity. Read about it here.

Ezra speaks to Pink News about pronoun labels at Brighton Council. Learn about that story here.

Ezra speaks to the Daily Mail about the book “Daddy’s Roommate”. Read more about that story here.

July 2019

Ezra writes an op-ed for DIVA magazine which will go out in their “Pride” print edition.