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This blog is the one and only place where the Hidayah community have come together to openly talk about their experience as LGBT+ Muslims, so please take some time to have a read and if you want to submit your own post to the Voice of Hidayah, get in touch!

2017 – LGBTQI+ Muslim Visibility

adminDecember 31, 20171 min read

In 2017, we launched our first campaign titled ‘LGBTQI+ Muslim Visibility’. Photographs were kindly taken by the Naz and Matt Foundation for Hidayah. Please check out our campaign photographs on the slideshow. February, 2017 We were delighted to be invited to Leeds Students Union to speak on a…

Can I be Gay and Muslim?

adminOctober 23, 20174 min read

On a recent trip to Japan I was struck just how much the Japanese people adhered to rules. For instance, at the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo more than 2,500 people cross at every signal change. They would wait patiently at the red man and only walk when he…