Corporate Courses

Hidayah is currently offering a training course covering various topics, from Islam and LGBT to Gender and Trans issues.

Please note, these courses are only offered in the UK.

​Key topics

  • LGBTQIA+ – what is it?
  • You are not alone – mental health
  • Inclusive sexual health
  • A forbidden love – marriage and sexuality
  • Islam and hate crimes – these cannot go together
  • An ally – a rock!
  • Tackling homophobic, biphobia and transphobic bullying language

Gender and Trans issues

  • Gender, identity and sexuality – the difference
  • Gender in the classroom
  • Transgender – what is it?
  • Trans rights – not a protected characteristic?
  • Creating an effective trans-inclusive setting

Islam and LGBT

  • Identity in Islamic history
  • Islam for all – not just heterosexuals
  • The Story of Lut – the varying interpretations
  • Conduct in accordance with the Prophetic way
  • Sexuality and Scripture
  • Tolerance and acceptance – fundamentals of Islamic etiquette for all of mankind

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