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Filmed at Hidayah’s first birthday party in December 2017

Hidayah worked alongside the Naz and Matt Foundation and the Documentary Maker Sonia Singh to create ‘Muslim Pride.’

This documentary focuses on the lives of LGBT+ Muslims within the United Kingdom.

It highlights the lived reality of many LGBT+ Muslims, their daily struggles, the issues they face and the ways in which they reconcile Islam and their sexuality.

If the Story of Lut was not about Homosexuality, then what was it about?

Imam Muhsin Hendricks deep dives into the verses of the Quran to investigate the lessons of Soddom & Gommorrah. Are they all about homosexuality?

More on the Story of Lut and how it has been used to reference homosexuality.

Dr. Junaid Jahangir discusses Islam’s view of homosexuality at the Inside/Out monthly discussion group for LGBTQ university students at the University of Alberta, on the topic of homosexuality and the Abrahamic faiths.

One of our volunteers, Farina, filmed a video with The Gathering – an inclusive LGBT+ church based in Cardiff. (find out more about them here)

She talks about her experiences of dealing with her faith and her sexuality, talking about the struggles she faced and advice for other LGBT+ Muslims.

Voice of Hidayah

We are committed to bringing visibility to the issues and difficulties faced queer Muslims within the community, one way that we do this is through our blog, known as the Voice of Hidayah.

This blog contains content from knowledgeable scholars, creative pieces made by queer Muslims and their lived experiences and stories. Take a look by clicking on some of the posts below.

All posts

Transgender Day of Remembrance, through the lens of a Trans Muslim.

Hidayah UKNovember 19, 20216 min read

By the Girl in the Green Hijab Trigger warning: topics of violence, rape, sexual abuse, police brutality, abandonment, murder, and death. Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim, As-salaamualaikum siblings. My name is Uma and I am here today to talk to you about the International Transgender Day of Remembrance. Briefly, I…

“Hidayah; I Feel at Home” – Importance of Systemic, Community Support for Intersectional British, Gay, Pakistani, Muslim Males – by Muhammed Ali for Hidayah UK

Hidayah UKNovember 15, 202119 min read

This blog post provides a community perspective on the importance of community support for intersectional British, Gay, Pakistani, Muslim Males (BGPMM) by considering what impact sexuality-affirming environments have on individuals. To illustrate this, I will be drawing on primary research interviews. Whilst this blog addresses communal support, other…

Consensus (Ijma’a) is Not Set in Stone, Nor is it Absolute and Final

adminJune 8, 20199 min read

One of the arguments that is often said against the case of the acceptance of homosexuality is this: that there is a consensus (ijma’a) on the issue on the prohibition of homosexuality and that no normative scholar has ever said it was permissible. And therefore there is no…

If Islam can accommodate for same sex sexual unions, then why does it only mention the union (cont.)

adminMay 9, 20193 min read

A: When the Quran speaking about marriage, it only mentions a heterosexual couple. That makes sense because heterosexual people make up more than 95% of the human race. It’s a pertinent issue that will organise the family unit and thus organise society in a way. And also it…


Our volunteers and trustees have collaborated to create this list of books covering topics from an individual’s lived experience being a queer Muslim (or even a queer person of faith!) to taking a deep dive into how Islam viewed LGBT people in the past.

All of the links shown before are to Amazon and use our affiliate code, so if you do want to purchase them, please consider using one of the links below so we receive a kickback! It helps a lot to continue the work and outreach that we do for queer Muslims!

The Promise of Happiness by Sara Ahmed
The Making of a Gay Muslim by Shanon Shah
Queer Muslims in Europe by Wim Peumans
Men, Masculinities and Religious Change in 20th Century Britain by L. Delap and S. Morgan
Homosexuality, Trans-identity and Islam by Dr. Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed
It’s Not About The Burqa by Mariam Khan
Islamic Law and Same-Sex Unions by Junaid Jahangir and Hussein Abdullatif
Homosexuality in Islam by Scott Siraj Al-Haqq Kugle
Gendered Lives in the Western Indian Ocean by Erin E. Stiles, Katrina Daly Thompson and Jan-Georg Deutsch
Gender Diversity in the Muslim World by Vanja Hamzic
The Life and Times of Hugo Marcus by Marc David Baer

Additional Resources

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Journal Articles

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Resource List

For more information on the organisations working in your area, check out our Resource List!

It contains a list of contact details for various organisations working in the UK and the US helping LGBT+ people. If you come across any mistakes or inaccuracies, please get in touch with a member of the Hidayah team!

Corporate Courses

To further our core mission to promote social justice and education about the LGBT+ Muslim community, Hidayah has created a training course for individuals and companies covering various topics related to Islam and LGBT issues.

Other content

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  • Queer Asia Blog series. Available here
  • Nasar Meer – a Professor of Sociology at the University of Edinburgh, who has worked across a number of related topics that might be summed up as ways of framing unity and diversity. 
  • Shanon Shah – an Associate Lecturer at the University of Kent and Associate Researcher at LSE, he specialises in Muslim-oriented/-derived movements and his doctoral thesis, in the sociology of religion, was an ethnographic study of the experiences of gay Muslims in Malaysia and Britain.
  • Richard Phillips – a Professor in Human Geography at the University of Sheffield, his research covered topics from The World after Empire to Sexuality, Space and Power.