Sponsoring Hidayah

Thank you for expressing an interest to sponsor our cause.

We are a volunteer led organisation with an aim to support the welfare of LGBTQI+ Muslims. Your support will enable us to continue providing our vital service and help improve the lives of others.

Why is Hidayah so important?

Many LGBTQI+ Muslims also experience prejudice based on their ethnic and religious identity.

As such, LGBTQI+ Muslims have a unique perspective allowing us to articulate new ways of living together and building bridges. It is the confidence to do this however, which is lacking in our communities.

Working with allies like yourselves, Hidayah hopes to build the confidence of our members and supporters to champion a new vision of living together in a multifaith, multicultural society where each of us can realise our full potential.

Hidayah works predominantly within the Muslim population because we recognise that while attitudes and legislation are changing, the effects of these changes are not always felt within the wider Muslim community.

Hidayah has a progressive and positive outlook nonetheless and we firmly believe that attitudes within the Muslim community can change and are changing slowly; it is because the lived reality for many though is still very difficult that a group like Hidayah is needed.

Hidayah aims to be at the forefront of this movement enabling change and building momentum for LGBTQI+ Muslims and the struggles we still face.

There are positive ‘coming out’ stories happening and we are seeing a rise in LGBTQI+ Muslims speaking out. More work is being done to address our specific needs around sexuality, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, culture and immigration status, but more must be done.

What are Hidayah doing for the community?

We organise a range of campaigns, hold social events and run workshops across the UK, in London, Birmingham and Manchester for LGBTQI+ Muslims. 

In our workshops, we explore the interception between sexuality and Islam as well as offer a safe space to discuss other issues and, importantly, sexual health. Our launch campaign was called LGBTQI+ Muslim Visibility where the aim was to publicly address the difficulties in coming out as gay, lesbian or other sexual/gender minorities within the Muslim community.

In addition to our workshops, we run regular events across the United Kingdom, such as in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, and Bristol. These take place monthly and are attended by our 500+ members.

Ready to make a change?

Fantastic! We’re glad to have you onboard and helping the cause! Please fill out the form below and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team!