Hold Onto What You Cherish


Those special moments in our life,

Every second from the start of our lives,

How do we hold on to them?

Is there a way of them being cherished forever more?

They are so very special,

It’s beyond reason why they would just end with our demise,

The whole journey of this spectacular wonder would be pointless,

If it would stop with death.

The whole experience is for cherishing,

And once this something’s alive how can it possibly die,

Thereโ€™s no justification if it did,

Then why is it that our soul desires to hold onto this existence,

We experience everything in life,

That we adore,

And our drive is to clutch onto it for however long we can do so.

That is the soul.

From this it can be imagined,

The ultimate experience of life,

Will be death,

Which seems to prove the sense that,

Death is not the end!

But the conclusion of the beginning of it all,

for it to carry on