My Unexpected Friend

My unexpected friend, you encountered me on my voyage to Motherhood, as I sat in solitude, meditating in the silence of the night. You came like the desert wind upon my life, made up of many colours of storm.

You stood in front of me with confidence and exquisite beauty like the colours of autumn leaves, your eyes reflected the light of the dawn.

You spoke through my mind, you took the words that I was thinking, even though you have much to learn, much to grow I saw that your essence is very much like mine. It is that which made me drawn to you like the echoes from the stars.

How we moved like the torrential rain in between the Earth and the Sun, we are the two unexpected souls walking through the passage of time, how quickly our friendship unravelled like the Oceanโ€™s wave to the shore.

For how long or short this friendship may last, like the fragrance of the musk, the sweetness of its smell still lingers long after it has vaporized.